Our Mission

The Lighthouse of Berlin

Our Mission

The Lighthouse of Berlin

In the vast sea of innovation, where brave explorers seek to make an impact on the world, BACKFABRIK is the lighthouse. Our goal is to provide a safe harbor where ambitions flourish and dreams grow.

Our philosophy

Be Brave

BACKFABRIK is the home of the brave and the visionary. Our tenants, with their rebellious spirit, are dedicated to making an impact on the world. The history of the building is shaped by these entrepreneurs and innovators, who continue to influence our future. Choosing to be a tenant here is a testament to your commitment to driving progress and transformation.

Our location

The beating tech heart of Berlin

Our location

The beating tech heart of Berlin

Berlin is the place for tech start- and scale-ups in Europe, and BACKFABRIK is its beacon of innovation. Lighting up the heart of Germany’s capital, BACKFABRIK harbors the most ambitious and brave explorers of the industry.

Our way

Come home to work

We want all people of BACKFABRIK to feel seen and heard, whether it means customizing your office to fit your needs, or through flexible contracts that allow you to grow or shrink within the same building. Our dedicated on-site staff will help out with any issues that might arise and our central location enables convenient commuting. With benefits such as discount on the gym next door and e-charging parking spots, we offer an inspiring work environment where like-minded visionaries can meet and connect. Read more about our office spaces, hybrid spaces and event spaces.

Our history

A legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship


The factory dates back to the late 19th century. On this site the Aschinger brothers built the headquarters of their empire supplying pea soup and "Schrippen" (bread rolls). By the 1920s they employed 4000 people.


In 1947 the VEB BAKO and "Ostschrippe" era began, from which the Backfabrik got its name. Its huge baking machines made rolls and bread for the whole of East Berlin.


Following the German reunification Horst Schießer turned the factory into 'Cityback' and continued with food production before having to close its doors later that decade.


Three exciting years of temporary use as an off-location followed. The Casino and the Cookies attracted many hundreds of people each week. Alternative workshops, a skating rink and much more found a home here.


Hargen M. Bartels together with R.E.M.M. (Real Estate Merger & Management) acquires the site and engages architects Marc Kocher and Corni Bartels with the transformation of the historic wholesale bakery building into a place for creative industry.


In September 2001, Gerhard Schröder, Chancellor of Germany, visited the Backfabrik construction site to have a look at the progress of the ambitious project.


In February 2002, Wolfgang Thierse, President of The German National Parliament, officially opened the new Backfabrik.


Backfabrik has become one of the most desirable work destinations in Berlin for ambitious tech unicorns such as Hello Fresh, Forto, Adjust and Wooga.


Helge Gernhardt takes over operational responsibilities from his father Hargen and will join him in carrying on the legacy of providing Berlin with premium and central office spaces.

Be Creative

Be Passionate

Be Innovative

Be Brave

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