Office Spaces

Exclusive and serviced

Customize and scale with ease

Our premium office spaces not only allow for seamless scalability within the same building but also offer complete customization options to suit your unique needs. Join our thriving ecosystem of tech scale-ups, fostering innovation and collaboration in a dynamic environment.

To rent the space, please contact

  • First-class facilities in a historical building in central Berlin
  • Flexible office spaces to grow
  • Flexible leasing contracts
  • An eco-system of Berlins brightest shining tech scale-ups
  • Great connections to public transportation
  • Underground garage with e-chargers from Waybler
  • Unique partnerships with local gym John Reed, Plantclub, Nornorm and cleaning companies
  • VAT exempt tenants are welcome
  • Fiber optical cabling to all workspaces

Be Creative

Be Passionate

Be Innovative

Be Brave

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